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Brand cleaners as damaging as smoking 20 cigarettes a day

3rd February 2020

Smoking lungs

Some leading brand cleaners are as harmful to lung health as smoking 20 cigarettes per day.

Among their many hazards include depleted lung capacity – the result of damage to the tender internal tissues of the respiratory system. Lung capacity is important because it is a marker of overall health and fitness. The body depends on the lungs’ life-giving ability to oxygenate blood and expel carbon dioxide – the waste product of metabolism.

Decreased lung capacity can lead to obvious declines in fitness, but since the body is so dependent on oxygen exchange, whole systems of the body can be compromised when the lungs become even partially debilitated.

Working as occupational cleaners can accelerate a decline in lung function, suggesting that exposures related to cleaning activities may constitute a risk to long-term respiratory health.

This is one of the reasons why StadiaCare uses organic plant-based cleaning agents, which have zero impact on lung function and don’t contain any harmful bleaches.

After all, it’s important for us to help protect the health of players and staff when working within stadiums and training ground environments.



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